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Version Information:
Version Number: 0.2.1
Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (64-bit only)
Release Notes:
  - Fixed issues with building in C++ on some configurations.
Licensing Information

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The version of Alloclave linked to above is the full version. There are trial limitations imposed if you have not purchased a license key. These trial limitations are as follows:

  • The recording time period is limited to 30 seconds.
  • If Alloclave detects any memory errors, showing which allocation the error came from is disabled.
  • Auto-updating is disabled.
  • A nag screen appears on startup and in the warnings message area.

If these limitations are not a problem for you, you are free to use the trial version of Alloclave indefinitely. There is no hard time limit. In the future, Circular Shift reserves the right to add new features only for registered users. If these limitations are too restrictive for you, purchase an Alloclave license. If not, support future development of Alloclave and purchase a license anyway!