What platforms does Alloclave support?

Alloclave is broken down into two components: the tool and the collector. The collector is C++-based, and is designed to be easy to build into any platform and configuration. Its primary platform is Windows.
The tool (also known as the visualizer) is a 64-bit .Net 4.5 application. It supports 64-bit systems running Windows Vista and later. Need a 32-bit version? Let us know.

Does Alloclave support Windows XP?

Alloclave makes extensive use of features only available in .Net 4.5, which is not supported by Windows XP. If you're running Windows Vista or later, .Net 4.5 can be downloaded from here.

Can you add a feature?

We have tons of feature ideas, but customer feedback helps us prioritize them. Please don't hesitate to email your suggestions to us, as this makes it more likely your feature will get moved up on the list.

Does the visualizer run on Mono?

Mono support is a long term goal, but is not available right now.

Can I run multiple instances simultaneously of the tool or the target application?

This is not currently supported. Look for it in the future!

Is Alloclave endian-aware?

Yes! This is handled transparently by the tool.

What size application can Alloclave handle?

A long term goal for Alloclave is to be able to process any amount of data in real-time. However, there's still work to be done here. Alloclave has been stress tested against Doom 3, which generates about a million allocation events a minute. Currently, this much data does cause Alloclave to slow down quite a bit. To be safe, I recommend "hundreds of thousands" of allocation/free events as an upper limit for what the tool can handle. But this will improve in the future!